01 February 2007

Rewards are good for the soul.

I want a camera right now sooo badly. Maybe it'll be here tomorrow. It could be here tomorrow. It should be here by Monday. But maybe tomorrow. That would be supernice.

Last night, as a reward for finishing 3.75 projects in two days, I decided I was allowed to cast on a project I've been drooling over since it came in the mail. The last Blue Moon Fiber Arts pattern of the year, the Sivia Harding socks in the red Mustang Sally. Let's see if I can find some links to the prettiness.

Here's the socks as done by Mamaliz: Pretty socks!

Earth Faire seems to be out of the exact beads I'm using right now, but they're 8/0 beads in this color.

Gorgeous. These are going to be so incredibly lovely.

Sidenote. Getting these beads on was total hell. I had to use the dental floss threader, so that I could occasionally thread it through my fingers and yank the bead onto the yarn. Once I was up and running, the beads moved smoothly along the yarn, but getting them there? Oy.

I'll get one sock done, get halfway through finishing the shawl, finish the second sock, finish the shawl. I think it'll be good. :)

There will be pictures again, soon. I promise.


AlisonH said...

Very, very cool socks.

Alice said...

Can't wait to see your pics! Hope your camera arrives soon. You definately need to celebrate and show of your recent bout of finishitis!

Sheila said...

I have beads in that color! You will be so happy with your new camera. What kind did you get? I know I was so happy when I got a new cardreader and was able to post pictures on my blog. My Nikon Coolpix is so old that it is not compatible with XP. Can't wait to see all your finished projects.