27 February 2007

I wonder if my LYS hates me yet

for realizing that they have an email address.

But I figure this is good for them. This way, I can bother them by email and they can answer me at their convenience.

So, today was the best day EVER. Well, since my birthday, anyway.

I got a completely adorable haircut (you'll see it tomorrow when I FO report my Lace & Ribs Tank top).

My ex-landlord actually coughed up my security deposit.

Tammy sent me two completely exquisite skeins of Socks That Rock Seduction. I'm not posting a picture now because I can't get an indoors picture that even starts to do them justice.

Robb and I had an absolutely fantastic afternoon spending some of the former security deposit.

I did completely something from the UFO basket (in that I frogged the Jaywalkers I'm just never going to finish).

And I cast on my first project in Fleece Artist.

Wow all around.

I love fantastic days.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Good Day! My day should have sucked (or be sucking since it is not nearly done) but for some reason I am happy about it anyway. By way of example, in the bad things collumn has the 3 hour "conversation" with the not-ex-anymore, the effects of disinterested parenting are starting to be apparent with the 3-yr-old who might as well be mine based on the time I spend with him, and being cock-blocked in a manner of speaking at the office; while the good collumn basically only has that I wake up and exercized before work even though I didn't sleep at all last night {see "1 in bad collumn}.

So kudos on your awesome day. I love that feeling.