14 February 2007

Snow Falling on Pitkin, and other photos

This is the scene, outside my front door.

At least in theory, my car is underneath all of that.

My favorite new toy.

Saturday, my middle brother, and possibly my youngest brother, along with my sister, will be driving down to see Grammy. I started these socks last year, before the snow fell, when I met her for the first time. I worked on them a little bit more after that first meeting, but they got pushed aside to work on Christmas presents. Here is their last known sighting.
Since my sister is even more OCD than I am, I expect she'll be driving down to Grammy's; I'll dig these out of my working basket and bring them along with me.

I feel calmer and more at peace than I have in weeks. Who knew that two feet of snow was what I needed?


AlisonH said...

I hear you. Sometimes I think Californians in general could use a good snowstorm that brings things to a standstill for awhile, that puts things into perspective. Can you just picture Hollywood snowbound, for instance?

Although what we got, I'll take: last year there were sudden flurries in downtown San Francisco at lunch hour, and the financial district suddenly had all these people in dark business suits pouring out of the buildings by the hundreds and doing little-kid things like sticking their tongues out to catch the flakes--standing in the middle of the streets! Made the headlines.

And then there was the deer that ran pell-mell across the Golden Gate Bridge during the morning rush hour, but that's another story. Enjoy that snow. Throw a snowball for me, wouldja? And I'll pick a daffodil for you. (I did pick one more yesterday, one that looked like the dishwasher delivery guys would smush it when they came if I didn't.)

AlisonH said...

And--I love that sock. It reminds me a lot of a pair of beaded ones that I really really love...

Melanie said...

I like the color on those Socks in Progress! To answer your question about the yardage for Hanami, it takes 2 balls of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud to knit it as written. If you knit it all in cherry blossoms or all in basketweave, the yardage requirements might be slightly different. (Feel free to delete this comment since it really has nothing to do with your blog, but you asked the question on mine and blogger doesn't give email addresses with comments.)

Anonymous said...

I read this for life updates and knitting thoughts.

There is no need and it is totally unwarranted to include snow porn. Yes you live in a beautiful wonderland. Yes you have a magical connection to the heavens. Yes your house might be in a storybook. That does not mean that those of us who do not live in winter paradise need it rubbed in our faces. And think of the children.