14 February 2007

Cheering up

First, go read this. I'll wait.

I can't say how much I agree.

Other than that, I'm home from work an hour and a half early because it's snowing buckets outside. I'm scared to take my camera into the snow, but as soon as it lightens up, I'll take a picture of my street.

It's completely gorgeous out there.

I love today.

The best moment of today; a very good friend asked me if he could borrow $10 because he needed to buy a couple of days worth of medicine until payday on Friday. Not only could I say yes, I could make an excuse to go to the ATM that only dispenses $20s, and I could also tell him that, given my druthers, I'd rather be paid back with a painting than a bill with some dudes' face on it.

That made today a very good day.

More later if it's justified.

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AlisonH said...

Very, very, very cool. And by the way: if your friend ever gets in a crisis re meds, most pharmacies will pitch in and help out and tide you over, if you are truly in need.