28 February 2007

FO sighted! Lace & Ribs tanktop complete!

Kalen at the LYS pronounced me a "knitting machine." I stated that no, in fact, I just have no life.

The Lace & Ribs tank is done.

Yes, I'm wearing a black bra, it's the only one that's clean, and I wanted to test the see-through value (pretty darn good, really). Like my new hair? I'm in love.

New hair (oh, and the tank) from the back.

For those of you (B) who will go nuts (B) wondering, the tattoo on my back is the only one of my tattoos (I have three) that I'm not crazy about. The theory was that this set of characters means "woman" when it, in fact, seems to just kind of be the set of characters that indicates feminine, and therefore doesn't really mean anything. When Robb makes me legit, I'm going to add the character that will make it mean wife, and I'll like it better.

Almost no mods on this tank -- yet. I'm debating on doing a little bit of creative sewing to take the sides in just a little, or else trying to thread a tie through just under the bust to make the slight ripple where the lace pulls in to stockinette look intentional. Not sure yet which will happen.

This is the Seduction that Tammy sent me. I'm only keeping my hands off of it by sheer intensity of will, and the desire to savor the luxury for a little while. But I'm going to knit Renee's scarf (more on that later) and then...Seduction, I will be yours!

Take care.

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