31 January 2007

I am a machine.

Flow Motion socks?


Robb's Superman socks?


Molly's baby sweater?

Just need to sew on the buttons. Which I have to find. They're in a box. Just not one of the four more that I unpacked this morning.

I love days off.

Next up?

Jaywalkers in Koigu that I started back when I was still working at the hospital.

This is just...it's making me nervous, just a little. What happens if I actually empty the basket of UFOs?



Madge said...

Why, you get to cast on some new projects, that's what!

Way to go turning your ufos into fos. And congrats on getting your new camera. Can't wait to see pics of all your lovelies.

AlisonH said...

Yeah, what she said! I know, I know--in green! (wicked grin)