27 February 2007

Mmm days off.

First of all, to all the emails that I got which pretty much started with !!!, no, I'm not trying to get pregnant, not yet. But yeah, the pills were making me insane, and not in that fun way! Panic attacks, fits of depression that seemed causeless...no good.

Baby hats in a couple of years. Not just yet.

Still at work on the lace and rib tank, see?

The bodice front is done, and I just need to do the straps, and then the back. Since we're theoretically getting another dusting of snow this weekend, this should be done WELL in time for spring. :)

I also have developed a strategy for cleaning out the UFO box without getting depressed about all the things I haven't finished in the last two years. Here's the plan.

Knit something new and exciting and cool (for preference with stash yarn, but this can be bent if there honestly isn't something in the stash that suits, I LOVE the finished article, and I really really want that sweater (because I have yarn for every pair of socks imaginable under GOD)), like the Lace And Ribs tanktop.

Finish something out of the UFO box. Frogging counts as finishing.

Knit something new and cool.

Finish something.

New and cool.

Old and classic.

I think this will keep my KADD (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder) in check by tempting me to finish older things so that newer things can join me in the knitting sphere. I know this will make me take longer to catch up on the UFO box, but I'm okay with that, if I can do it without going bonkers.

Also, I'm going to start trying to go back to one object on the needles at a time. This may change when I can actually walk to work without mittens on, because I'm pretty sure that I could knit plain socks while walking, and that would help out with my whole step-father wants a million socks situation, but in-house knitting should be limited to one article at a time. Possible exceptions are that it is easier to go visiting or driving with a sock, and sweaters and waiting rooms don't go together well for me. But there's always sock yarn around here, so it's not really a huge thing.

Thoughts? Comments?

Oh, and for my last parlor trick -- I taught myself to knit backwards today! The straps of this tank are knit in stockinette for 11" on 9 stitches. I'm getting about 6 rows to the inch. That means turning this beastly heavy cottonly thing a million times and getting all the yarn (the yarn is still attached for strap #2) tangled up...

And then I decided to go find a pic and learn to knit backwards. And I did, wahoo! It's actually a lot easier than I thought. Random question though, every site I looked at informed me that my stitches would be turned on the right to left row, but they're not. Am I doing something different? Maybe I'll take pics tonight and post.

Um...that is all, I guess. :)


Karin said...

Kristine, as you are working in a bookstore, go to the craft section where they house the knitting books and find the book called yarn play.
There's a tank top in there for you. And don't tell me you don't want to make it NOW.

AlisonH said...

Knit as the muse strikes. No rules. Just enjoy. That's my personal take.