05 February 2007

Not fair.

It is not fair that I don't have a camera right this very minute.

If I had a camera, I could show you the gorgeous needles that B sent me -- not from the beach, as requested, but from a building very near the beach, so I agree, it counts. I could show you the handspun merino yarn in "Brambleberry" that came from the very same hut.

I could show you Lisa Souza yarn. I could show you Superwash Merino in Wild Things and Sock! Merino in Mulberry and Black Purple, and Sock in Gendarme.

I could show you a nearly done sock -- only "nearly" done because I finally got back into my Scheherazade grove.

I could show you Scheherazade, for pities' sake.

I want my camera.

Now, please.

Thank you.


Madge said...

Hear, hear! Where is the darn thing, anyway?

AlisonH said...

I can't wait to see! And now that I know Maurice Sendak is the inspiration for Wild Things, and that his editor is making him a scarf out of it, I can't wait till Stitches to go look at it again in person. You already get to! Fun stuff.

Kristine said...

Wild Things -- it's exquisite. It will be a pair of socks for my step-father, and then if I short the legs on his, just a little, and then use a different yarn for the heels and toes, I think I'll have enough for a pair of socks for mememe!

You will need to have this yarn. Just so you're prepared. And the black purple is outta this world!

AlisonH said...

Can't wait. (Did it come yet, did it come??)

Anonymous said...

yea! my package arrived. I'm sorry your best buy friends do not have interns to mail things for them. that would have gotten your camera to you a lot faster.
love, B