30 September 2008


Despite Mercury retrograde...
despite the collapse of the financial markets...
despite the sense of impending doom coming from every corner...
despite the stronger and stronger pushes from various places and worlds begging me to cast free of these anchors and set sail on a sea of uncertainty...
despite a suddenly obvious flare for the dramatic...

I'm having a really good week.

Someone needed to say it, and with all the doom and gloom everywhere on the horizon, I thought I might be the only one.

So, go me!

26 September 2008


I haven't knitted a stitch this week. Not-a-one. My new Macbook and iPod were retrieved from very friendly UPS staff on Monday, and since then? None at all. I've been playing Spore and updated files and -- most excitingly -- writing.

That's write. Right. Hehe. :) Writing stories. From my braiiiiin. Onto (digital) paper. Stories that could possibly be sold to the highest bidder, traded for food on our table and electricity in our house, and so forth. Can you imagine it? To me, it's almost the highest form of shenanigans -- the highest being acting in all its forms. All the arts, really, though -- "You mean, if I do this thing that keeps me from just losing my mind and going COMPLETELY insane, you're going to pay me for it?"(laugh)"REALLY?"

I'm all blissed out on word fumes.

22 September 2008

Has it really been that long?

I'm so sorry! I had no idea I'd skipped out on you guys for such a long time! The outreach lists were huge, the call volumes were ridiculous, the baby was growing...the knitting didn't happen very much anyway. I've gotten 5 pattern repeats done on my wedding shawl. There, you're up to date.

The exciting thing right now is that I'm typing this on my very own brand new Macbook. Ooooo. I know; I know. I'm crazy excited, too. It's beautiful, and it feels like something that should be in a science fiction movie, but it's mine, and I can type on the couch. I'm hoping that writing will start getting in the way of my knitting time, you know?

Here's wishing.

Love to you all, talk to you soon.

08 September 2008

Sleeping is for birds.

All last week, I got between 3 and 5 hours of sleep a night, for no real reason except I couldn't be bothered going to bed.

Last night, I actually got some sleep. Today, I can't get out of my own way.

Sheep & Wool festival this weekend; lovely day, lovely pretties, and very impressed with myself for staying inside of the budget Robb and I agreed on. Even more exciting, I found a spot in the living room where my spinning wheel can live and not be in the way, since there's a direct correlation between how much of my spinning wheel I can see, and how often I spin.

I'm impressed with both myself, and the high speed kit for the Kiwi; I'm spinning soft, fine singles, that should make fantastic two ply yarn, maybe DK weight. Pictures when the sun cooperates/I remember.

B, your shawl is done, I just need to block it. Which means I need blocking wires. Which are temporarily out of my price range. (i.e. I spent the money I meant to spend on blocking wires on alpaca fiber. Sorry. :( ) You will love it.

Sleepy. Nothing else to report.

03 September 2008

Thank God I was pregnant last year

because I'm actually following the election this year, and there's no way little Lucy would have survived my blood pressure fluctuations.

I hate politics. I hate politicians. I hate the way modern politics has gone, where the bulk of the population doesn't bother to vote, and a good bunch of the people who do vote vote for the guy they "trust," or who had the flashier ads on TV. People don't watch or listen to the debates, people don't learn about the issues, and they so often vote based on just one issue -- and it makes me nuts.

I'm trying to stay balanced, even if my vote was decided last year. Last week, I listened to the DNC, I was inspired. This week, I'm trying -- I'm really trying -- to listen to the RNC (that's Republican National Convention, for Shannon :) ), and my blood pressure...let's just say that I had to put down the lace.

Put aside your positions on the issues for just a second. When I listened to the DNC, I heard "John McCain is going to do this...Barack Obama is going to do this. John Mccain will do X...Barack Obama will do y." There were positions discussed, practical explanations of how things were going to happen.

When I listen to Rudy Guliani talk, all I'm hearing is "How dare that Barack guy go to an Ivy League school? And how come he talks so good? And how can he think he can run anything, when he's not experienced? Yeah? Huh? And we're going to put nuclear power plants on every corner, and don't you ask about how long it's going to take to get them built, or where we'll get the uranium to run the plants, or what we're going to do with it when it's done!"

I'm dealing with this to listen to Sarah Palin, because I am nervous about her, and I want to hear what she has to say.

I note that NPR didn't tell me what Sarah Palin was wearing tonight, something they felt it necessary to tell me about when Hillary stood up for Barack Obama.

Erg. Just erg.

Shan, seriously, if John Mccain wins this election, I'm moving my family next door to you.

Sorry for the random political intrusion into this normally calm knitting/motherhood/general work blog. I'm just...frustrated.