07 February 2007

So, here's how my day has gone.

Oh my god.

I know this day is going to make me sound like a zenophobe, but criminey.


So, I played hookie from work today because my throat hurt and I had a fever and wah. I crashed on the couch, and slept through Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone, and woke up feeling better. So I got out my receipt and my phone, and called Best Buy.

I called the number on the receipt.

I got a horrible phone connection, to someone who...well, the conversation went like this.

Me: Hello, my name is Kristine, and I bought a camera a week ago. It wasn't in the store, and they promised to ship it to me within 3 to 5 days. It's now been 7 days, and I'd like to know where my camera is.

Customer Service Representative: Okay, now, let me ask you. Do you want to check your order status, or do you need me to get your receipt details for you?

Me: I'd like to know what's going on with my order.

CSR: (long pause) Okay, do you need me to check your order status, or get your receipt details for you?

*this is when my irritation started to build. To be fair, this woman's English was better than my speaking of her native language, but. I suddenly started to feel a very real rage about outsourcing.*

Me: I'd like my order status please.

(lots of clicking)

CSR: Okay, so we don't have a tracking number for your order yet, I recommend that you call back tomorrow, and maybe we'll know what's going on by then.

(Robb says he could hear the rage in the air at this point in time.)

Me: (as calmly as possible) that is completely unacceptable, because I was supposed to receive this camera two days ago, and I need to know what's going on.

CSR: I'm sorry, but I can't see what is going on from here, I recommend that you call back tomorrow.

Me: I need to speak to your supervisor, please.

CSR: You have to call this other number.

Repeat this conversation eight more times, as I call the BestBuy.com number (they can't help me because I didn't purchase the camera online), the store I bought the camera at (I got transfered from the computer department to the camera department to the customer service department to the geek squad), who then told me I had to call that first number, because there wasn't anything they could do for me.

Now, I have to tell you. I imagine that "normies" get frustrated in this sort of circumstance, but if you are making your life in retail, this is so much worse. I know how little it takes to give good customer service, and it makes me so completely infuriated when people just don't.

So, I called that first number again, and when they couldn't tell me anything, when their idea of good service was to email the warehouse, I cancelled the order.

Robb was all sad. He said, "We're never going to Best Buy ever again?" I said "We'll go to Best Buy, but I'll never trust them to order anything for me again."

So I went back to the good old internet, browsed around, found out my local Circuit City has the same camera for the same price.

And I decided I was well enough to drive.

The yarn I got from Lisa Souza.


The leg detail on Winter's Eve

I am completely in love with this camera.

Welcome back to a picture-filled Lilac Knitting.


Karin said...

Kristine, please do tell me which camera you bought. I am desperately looking for a camera to use for my blog which is sadly pictureless.
I do need one which can do nice close-ups, of course.
My budget is in the same range as yours.
Thank you so much.
PS: I am ever so glad you went out and got what you wanted. Best Buy my foot.

Tammy said...

AWESOME PICTURES!! And good for you for canceling your order with Best Buy. That is not acceptable customer service!

Madge said...

Yay! So glad that after all that you found your camera at another store.

Winter's Eve is super pretty. I'm in total awe of your sock making ability.

And what are the Lisa Souza colorways? That purple is yummy. Nice stash enhancement.

AlisonH said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous knitting and yarn, and beyond wonderful that you finally finally finally get to show them off.

Now, if I could get my flash card to work on my computer again--my turn for the camera problems. Rowr.

artemis said...


Sorry for your service issues. My sister's had an appalling time trying to get any information about an invalid charge to her credit card because American Express outsourced all their customer service to India, and she can't understand a word they're saying. *sigh*

I'm impressed with your lace knitting. I will keep staring at your pretties and hope to get better at knitting someday.

In the meanwhile, I'd love to get a dialogue going about yarn. What is your favorite kind of yarn? Ply number? Fiber? Would you or other knitters actually spend 50 bucks on a skein of yarn, and what do you look for?

I'm spinning mostly for myself still with these demo batches, but it seems the most economically feasible to concentrate on the funky art yarns that are commanding the dollars online, and then offer other yarns specifically for knitters and weavers who just want consistency.

Any thoughts would be appreciated here or in an email to me. Perhaps I shall post a questionnaire on my blog. Hmm...