13 February 2007

Perhaps it's in the air...

...but has it really been that long since I posted? Yeesh. It's been a long few days...I've been ill, and this head cold is taking a lesson from the cold front outside, and it will not go. Grr. We're supposed to get up to 18 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. I'm sleepy and grouchy. So I've been trying to stay a little bit more inside my own head, I guess, which is never actually good for me.

I finished the hat, and my friends had their baby today; Owen Sebastian, I didn't talk to the new dad, so I've no idea of his weight or suchlike. He'll be in on Thursday, so I'll give it to him then. I'm pretty positive he'll enjoy it.

Finished slippers for Grammy out of Manos...just need to felt them. I'm inventing a sort of pattern for some handwarmers, but they're not working out at ALL how I'd like, so I'm debating whether I'll give them, or see how she likes the slippers and probe the deeper question of hand warmth when we go down and visit this weekend. I hope we can go visit this weekend. Most of the time, Robb and I only having the one car makes me feel very green and peaceful and such, but other times, it makes me very, very grouchy. He's going to try and switch shifts with one of the guys at work, and then it will all be easy, but if it doesn't work, I'll figure something out.

I'm sorry for the stream-of-consciousness entry without pictures here...the things I've finished look boring, and I'm just ...tired. I'll be better tomorrow, when buried under snow.

Much love.


Sheila said...

Take care of yourself. You have had alot of stress this winter. Drink lots of herbal tea and knit. Sleep when you are able. Sleep helps colds.

Madge said...

Hope you feel better soon!