24 February 2007


I finished the shawl, and I'm almost done a tanktop out of Rowan Natural Silk Aran from the newest IK, and I've figured out more about the how and the why of my crazy pile of UFOs, and I have pictures to show.

But not right now.

Now, I want to tell a story.

I've talked about knitting socks for my stepfather (we'll just call him "Al," shall we? It's shorter to type) before. He is one of my favorite sock recipients, because he adores his socks. The ones I made him out of Lisa Souza's Merino were very well received at Christmas time; he put them right on, and is wearing them hard.

Mom was over yesterday, and we were talking about this and that, and she told me a great story that I just have to share.

A few nights ago, I guess they were trying to sleep, and Al was tossing and turning all over the place. My mother, a light sleeper, got pretty annoyed, until she finally looked at him and asked what the heck was wrong with him. He made some sort of huffy noise, and then gasped. "I know just what I need," he declared.

Mom confessed to a certain fear at this point. She thought...well, she just wanted to go to sleep, let's leave it there, and I won't have to make the same face I did when she told me the story originally! She said "o...okay..."

And he hopped up out of bed and went over to his slippers. "I need K's socks," he declared, and put his socks on, crawled back into bed, and promptly fell asleep.

This made me into such a dribbling dork of love that I gave Mom the socks I'd already been saving up towards next Christmas.

I have some Wild Things that is intended for socks for him. I guess I better pick out one or two more colors.


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AlisonH said...

I can so much relate. Which is why I wore my Kristine socks today at Stitches. Got all kinds of people asking/complimenting/ooh aahing, and then when I say my friend GAVE me these lovely beaded socks... Well, they all wanted to be your friend too.