18 February 2007

Don't say it too loud...

...but I think I might have enough sock yarn for a little bit.

Now, before you think I've gone totally mad, let me put in a couple of provisos. I'm still dying to get my hands on some Regia Silk, and the Regia Bamboo is still tempting -- although a quick grope of the sample that Amazing Sheri included in with my pretty sock yarns leads me to believe that I might have some of the same troubles that I do with cotton socks, but that's neither here nor there -- and I heard that Sheri would be getting in a box of goodies from the Yarn Pirate and that makes me kind of drooly. I'm sure I will wake up and *need* more yarn like I *need* air.

But currently in my house are samples of all the sock yarns that I particularly wanted to try -- many of them courtesy of Karin, so I think I can spend some time now just getting down to the business of knitting socks.

As for those of you who want to see my new red hair...I'm incredibly camera shy, so Robb has been given the camera and told to take a picture of me where I don't look like a dweeb (since I'm currently wearing a purple sweatshirt and pink pajama bottoms with frogs on them that say "My Prince" this is more difficult than you might imagine, but I get sick of work clothes, and change into comfy clothes as soon as I get home) and I promise to post it. So now you can bug him, nah. :)

Karin, grats on the camera! I can't wait for pictures!

Alison, Grammy whooping me at Uno was fantastic. We played eight games, and she won 5, Erin and I two each, and Chris just one. The look she gave me when I dropped a Wild Draw 4 on her was priceless. I wish I could have gotten some pictures that afternoon, but it would have just been too intrusive, so I just took them as carefully as I could with my brain, and that will be enough to be going on with. And, since you're going to Stitches West, if the Blue Moon Fiber Arts people are there, and they happen to have some of that Seduction yarn -- the Merino/Tencel blend -- I would be more than happy to reimburse you for the yarn and the shipping of it to me. Just sayin'. :)

Oh. And I just realized that Rhinebeck is only 4 hours from me.

Ohmigod. :)

I'm going to go and work on Scheherazade now. I have about 50 rows on the body to go. If I finish them, I'm going to allow myself to ball up the FA Renaissance. I don't think I have any spare sock needles anyway, so balling should be safe.

Go ahead, laugh. I don't mind.


Sheila said...

Too much sock yarn. Is there such a thing? You have been getting projects knit at a good rate of speed. I on the other hand, have started projects at a good rate of speed. Any recent pictures of Scheherazade?

AlisonH said...

I can just see me picking up Wild Card sock yarns and going, "UNO!"

Tammy said...

This might come through twice.

Hey, they will have Seduction at Stitches West!! I bundled some of it last week, and they are headed out today for the drive. You know, I can get you some too, if I know what colors you like beside Purple. I will be up there this Thursday and take a look at what Tina has in stock!! I will get back to you, then I will be up there the following week at least on Monday and Tuesday!

Karin said...

Hi sweetie, it's a busy week with one birthday tomorrow (DD, will be 10) and DH on Thursday. But I promise I'll have a picture or two up soonest!
Love ya,