19 February 2007

No such luck...

Twenty rows to go on the body of Scheherazade, and I'm way, way too tired to stay up and finish them. So sorry...tomorrow.

Spent an hour or so today cleaning; I haven't lifted a finger around here in two weeks, and you can tell. Robb and I got into a rather spectacular argument when I suggested (in seriousness) hiring a maid, because clearly neither of us was going to clean anything. It wasn't my goal, but I think he may actually start pitching in a bit around here; I pushed his miser button. If that's what it takes to not be the only one cleaning, I'm a-okay with that.

Also, the word on the street was that the Yarn Pirate order arrived at the Loopy Ewe...how could I not have ...well, the picture is gone now, so you'll just have to wait until Sheri ships me the yarn, and I can show you the moonstoney silvery goodness. (Tammy, are you taking notes? :p Purples, blues, silvers, jewel tones...I have a *thing* against green, but am slowly learning to accept emerald as another beast all togther)

I am so good by the way; the Fleece Artist is sitting on the shelf next to my computer where I can pet it when I want to, but it's still all skeined up. It hasn't even been near the swift. I am so strong. You have no idea.

I'll show off Scheherazade tomorrow. Probably. Assuming that I'm not just dead of exhaustion. Oh, and I survive the interview for the job I already have (sigh). I've been an interim manager since Thanksgiving...in the next few days, I should know whether or not I get to keep the crazy schedule and the 35K a year, or go back to a schedule that's just as crazy, but only get paid $12 an hour. We'll see what happens. And no, I probably won't know tomorrow. (!!!).

Wish me luck!


AlisonH said...

Best of luck! I'd bring you daffodils and amaryllises if I could.

Karin said...

You will get the job. I am sure of it.:)

Tammy said...

HeeHee, yep am taking notes, thought it should be easy, those are my colors as well. So, I think that anything I like, you would like too.