18 January 2009

I've been quiet for a long time again...

... sorry about that. 

Planning a wedding is a pain in the butt, you know? And all the decisions that I kept saying "Oh, I'll decide after Christmas..." well, guess what! 

I've only got one more shawl to knit for the wedding, though; B's is done and mine is done, so I just need to finish Melissa's. I finally found a pattern I love that reminds me of her (the beaded shawl in the Holiday VK, I'm took lazy and tired to take pictures) and it's going swimmingly, I think I might need to do extra repeats as the one thing that Melissa will object to is a small shawl, but I have about three times as much yarn as the pattern requires, so we're good there. Extra tube of beads, too. We'll play it by ear. 

I'm ready for a heat wave, here in VT. Some 30 degree weather would suuuuuure be nice, mm-hm. 

But the whole reason I wanted to write this was to say that I woke up this morning to the smells of fresh bread from the bread machine and warm chicken from the broth I am (attempting to) cooking down in the slow cooker. I want to wake up like this every morning. 

Much love to you; I have a crying baby to go and hug.