17 February 2007

Survived the trip

with mental health to spare.

I'm sorry to those I panicked with regards to my comment about Grammy's funeral. She hasn't died; according to the docs, she probably has three to six months with us still. No, what I was trying to convey, I guess, was the sudden realization that she was going to die. It just clubbed me upside the head all of a sudden. That I was knitting these delicate, lacy, somber-toned socks, and that part of what I was doing with them was accepting my grandmother's mortality. Sorry that I got so dulcet-toned about it. No, Grammy will be kicking my butt at Uno for a little while longer.

So Erin (my sister), Chris (the middle of my three brothers), and I drove down to Grammy's today. This is the grandmother who I only met for the first time a couple of months ago, she'd never known I was alive before. One of the joys of being an adopted kid, I guess, slowly meeting my biological family. We had a fantastic day. Erin and Grammy and I sat around for hours, knitting on our various projects (afghan for Grammy, Traveller's Stockings for me, a fair isle sweater for Erin) while Chris played Tetris on his cell phone and tried not to be too bored with our knitting chatter. I don't know why, exactly, today was so good, but it was...it was everything I'd hope for, and more.

Knitting pictures:

One Traveller's Stocking (Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road) done in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Blue Jeans. I would have started sock number 2 but didn't have the necessary attention span to work the upper edge, so instead I continued on:

Conwy, from Lisa Souza's Sock!Merino in Black Purple, the delicate socks that spawned my depression and strange mood the other day.

Finally, a pretty little box was waiting for me when I got home, and when I saw that the return address was from The Loopy Ewe, I plotzed for joy. Inside, you know what there was??

Yarn Pirate, 50/50 merino tencel blend in Viola, and Merino Socks by Fleece Artist in Renaissance (in the middle) and Amethyst (on the end).

I'm so crazy happy about these new bits of yarn that I was poinging around for a little bit while Erin and Chris had quiet giggles. I can't really say I blame them.

Now, I'm off to go and get some sleep. Take care, and send a prayer to my grammy, if you have the chance.


AlisonH said...

I got a good chuckle out of Grammy whupping you at Uno. Go Grammy go, and make the most of each moment. And I love seeing the sock yarns showing up at your house; stash collecting by proxy, till Stitches, anyway, and then I'll probably catch up. Amethyst from Fleece Artist--yum... (I'm told a LYSO just got 100 skeins of Sea Silk and is not letting anybody see them in the shop, not before Stitches.)

Karin said...

You guys are terrible! Tempting me to look....but I cannot buy more, must stay strong.
Kristine, I got my camera. I am taking pictures. Today, hopefully I'll figure out how to upload and then post, post, post!
PS: prayer to grammy has been sent.

Tammy said...

Prayers for Grammy AND you. I do hope that you get to spend more time with her in the next few months. It will mean a lot to her and to you.

I haven't ordered from Loopy Ewe yet, but I have been admiring her stuff. What you got is gorgeous!!

Take care.