23 January 2007

Internet Access is Mine!!


And suchlike.

I know, I know, it's very exciting. I'm a happy, happy camper.

You know, all last week, I had a million and one things to tell you. Now, can I think of a single thing?

I'm over 200 rows into side 1 of Scheherazade, which means I'm doing very well on my goal of having the shawl done by March 19th. I need to do a minimum of 15 rows a day to get it all done, and I'm well ahead of schedule.

It's pretty. If there were light in my apartment, I'd hook up the digital camera and take a picture.


I've also been working on the Marble Arches socks -- the second to last kit I've received from Socks That Rock -- now and then. I'm almost done the leg on sock #2. Very pretty.

Also, a picture tomorrow.

Things I'm proud of from last week.

I was kinder than I thought I could be to my brother's girlfriend, Eliza. Eliza and I have not gotten along in the past. I have -- I hate to admit it -- harboured a grudge because on her first visit to my apartment, she left the front door open through sheer neglect, and my strictly indoors cats escaped into the outside. It was five hours before Keelie came home, and I never thought I'd see her again. When Chris told me that Eliza would be helping us move, I was seriously grouchy about the prospect, but I decided to be brave and not fuss. I could put up with her for an afternoon, it would be fine.

When she showed up, she was helpful and cheerful, and eager. I realized how much I had let that one stupid mistake bias me against her, and I had to take a deep breath and -- with a little help from above -- forgive her. A little bit. And she found the purple scarf I'd knit out of some crazy fun-yarn last year and then realized I couldn't stand -- when she fell over how much she loved it, I said it was hers. Her gratitude was repayment for my forgiveness.

Another thing I'm proud of.

There's a gigantic plastic container of the yarn I don't love. It's in the basement, and it's going to go to a better home, where someone will adore it in a way that I cannot. It's pretty and lovely and gorgeous -- but I'll never knit it. And there's so much I do want to knit -- why do I need to be selfish and keep what I won't?

But a picture of my pretty sock yarns should show up here tomorrow as well. It's like peeking in a jewelry box, at least to me.

I love having my own internet connection. I'm such an addict. Robb is hella grouchy because WoW is not so stable just now, but I'm just glad to have my email back, and my ability to talk to my friends. Hi everybody!

I missed you all very much. :)


AlisonH said...

Yay!! You're back!! Good thing, I was going through some serious Kristine withdrawal there. And hey--thanks for the prayers on Richard. He'll be okay.

I am so glad you and Eliza had a better experience! And with a scarf to boot; it doesn't get better than having a recipient love love love the project.

Tammy said...

Yeah, glad you are back too. Here's to getting everything settled at your new place and new knitting pictures!!

Madge said...

Oh joy, internet service again! Yippee!

Looking forward to progress pics on your knitting. Way to go on Scheherazade.