15 January 2007

Moving Day! And first FO of 2007

Up at 4am to finish packing. Can we say UGH? I knew we could.

But I'm much more cheerful than I've been for a few days. I had a terrible crying jag last night that kind of freaked Robb out, but once I managed to sputter out that I was tired, and stressed, and could I have a hug please, it was all good. He petted me and snuggled me and generally calmed me down some. Have I mentioned that he's a good'un? Yeah.

So, in the moments of non-packing-panic, these got done.

First FO of 2007, and one hopes it will not be the last, haha. These are Rolling Thunder socks by Miss Sivia Harding, yarn is Lisa Souza's Sock!Merino in Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon, and the beads are I-forget-which-and-I-packed-the-tube from Earth Faire.

Wow, that was a lot of links.

I love the hemmed cuff on these pretties, and I even love the way they kind of turned into a little bit of a slouch sock; I like the extra texture up at top. I made these socks a little extra loose because Aunt Diane is having tons of problems with her feet right now -- all chemo related, somehow -- and the last thing I want to give her is something that pinches or pulls or just doesn't feel good. That won't help.

Note to self, though: Don't try to be smarter than Sivia. On the first sock, I was a good little monkey, and I used a provisional cast on, and I hooked up all my loops for a disgustingly neat little edge. On the second sock, I got cocky. I don't remember what demon possessed me (perhaps the one where I'd put away my crochet hooks, and that's the only provisional cast on I know?) but I just cast on normally, figuring it would all work out.

Well, it did, but the hemmed edge on the second sock is noticeably bulkier to me. Probably ONLY to me, but still.

I love them anyway.

Oh, and one final thing I wanted to share with you.

This is a 1996 Ford Taurus that I've been driving, on and off, since my college days. It belongs to my father, and has caused more fights than I'm really happy admitting to. They usually come down to the fact that, although he always gives the car to me and makes me put the title and insurance in my name, he expects the car back -- and if it's not actually MINE I'm not really willing to put much into it in terms of money. So when it needs a big repair -- a more than $500 repair, as old fords with a lot of mileage tend to do -- I called up my father, and we fought over it. It's been a serious bone of contention for a lot of years.

This year, Robb came into some money, and after a lot of talking, we decided to work some seriously alchemy.

$5k down and a $10 K loan turned that into this:

A 2007 Ford Focus that belongs solely to us. No one to argue about it, the titles in our name, the loan is in our name. The warranty is in our name. Did I mention the loan? But it's ours, it has about 170 miles on it since we picked it up last week, and all but 3 of them were put there by us. I cannot explain to you how completely and utterly sexy this is to me; I think you just have to understand.

Do you know how much yarn you can fit in a hatchback? I'm just sayin'.

We move today. So far, the storm that is threatening to smoosh us under ice and snow has failed to appear; cross your fingers for me, 'kay? I should be online tonight to update you on the fantastically fun moving process.


Madge said...

Good luck moving! And congrats on the new car. (Autonomy is most excellent, isn't it?)

Love the Rolling Thunder socks. The cuff is so pretty with the beads, and the colorway so cheery.

And did you see this quiz? :)

AlisonH said...

Good luck, and love the socks. And the new car--cool!

Tammy said...

I hope your move went well. I totally understand about the car, having been there myself!! We have snow today, about 4 inches of it so far and it's still coming down. It ocurred to me a bit ago what this weather system might do crossing the US. Yikes.

Sheila said...

I love the socks. You knit such great socks. Congrats on the new car. I haven't moved with a hatch back. But I moved to Utah from NJ in a Jeep with a roof carrier. And believe me, you can get alot of yarn in that baby!