20 January 2007

A quick note

to say I survived the removal of my wisdom teeth and the moving (although the unpacking is still in question). There will be pictures as soon as I have real internet access, and not just stolen internet access from my brother.

Until then, I am well, the yarn and patterns are unpacked, life is pretty darned good.

But please say a prayer -- the last of my grandmothers has had issues for several years with CHF, and is in the hospital with fluid retention. She's in good shape, they're adjusting her meds -- but all the same. Prayers are good.

Much love, and I'll be back soon.


Madge said...

Glad to hear you've survived all this big stuff and are in your new home with your yarn close at hand!

Healing thoughts to you and your grandmother.

AlisonH said...

What she said. Yes.

Sheila said...

I'm glad the move and the oral surgery are all over. Both are stinky experiences! Hope you get your own internet soon.