09 January 2007


I haven't died. I am, however, starting to believe that the amount of stuff I have to get done in the next week does reflect some kind of suicidal desire or something.

By Friday, I'm supposed to have packed all my books. My mother is planning on coming over on Friday and Saturday to help pack, well, everything else. Sunday, after work, I have to make goulash for the ten or so people who are going to assembly-line-move us into our new apartment on Monday.

Monday, I work 6-3, and then we move. We move until it's done.

Tuesday, at 9am, I get my wisdom teeth pulled. Ouchies. They're gassing me, due to my gag reflex. I'm pretty nervous, not so much about the teeth, but the gas. Lots of people are enjoying telling me horror stories about this sort of thing.

I am allowed Wednesday to recover.

Thursday, I have to be well enough to go back and clean the old apartment top to bottom. This is non-negotiable, as it's probably the only way I even have a fighting chance of getting my security deposit back. We gave him 29 days notice instead of 30, and so he's being a jerkoff, and since he couldn't screw us into staying in the apartment by giving us a bad reference, he's trying to steal my security deposit. Grr. I hate slum landlords.

In order to get all of this done, I know what I have to do.

I have to pack the yarn.

All of it.

Every single thread.

I will allow myself to have two projects -- one complicated and one simple -- that can be just thrown into my purse and moved right along with me. Actually, I have two projects in my purse already -- Superman socks and the matinee sweater I'm still recovering from -- so probably just one more left out.

This one.

This is a crappy picture of Scheherazade, the shawl with a deadline. Yup, I have to wear it in Vegas in March. Late March, though, so I have plenty of time, but expect it to be all you see after I move.

This is Angel Pearls, sans beads, in worsted weight yarn. I stuck my fingers in the picture, just for the perspective on how much wider this is than the fingering weight yarn I used for the other one(s) I made; it's the bamboo Karin sent, and I adore it. It's a little rough on the fingers, but it has that linen feel, like it'll soften up the more I wear it. This looks like me a scarf to throw on with a black teeshirt and jeans to fancy up a summer day. I love it.

Into the box it goes.

If I get a little scarce this next week, forgive me. I promise to be back.



Anonymous said...

I wish I could come help in person!


Madge said...

Whew, you're tiring me out just reading your post. Good luck with everything.

And if it helps any, I've had general anaesthesia twice - once when they removed my wisdom teeth and once for sinus surgery. Both times were a piece of cake. One moment you're awake, then you're not, then you're in recovery wondering what's up and then you get to go home. (And if you're really nervous, ask your doctor to give you something beforehand to calm you down.) Fingers crossed for an easy time of it!

Sheila said...

What are you doing in Vegas? It is a fun town. We drive to Vegas for a evening of fun about once a month of so. Southern Utah is great for outdoory stuff. But Vegas glitters.