28 January 2007

I had a plan.

The plan was to show off lovely pictures of Scheherazade. The first half is done, complete with its knit-on edging. It looks extremely lovely. The provisional cast on behaved itself, and I picked up my stitches and did the first ten rows in the other direction. This was all supposed to happen by something like February 10th, so I'm seriously ahead of schedule. This has me very pleased with myself, and I was wanting to preen.



My camera has failed me. :(

Also, my packing.

You see, I use rechargeable batteries for the camera, duh, right? But the rechargeable batteries haven't been packed. And the camera is too tired to take pictures that don't look like a red smear against a khaki background. Sigh. This has been a problem with the camera which, to be fair, I got for free (or in trade, as soon as I find a good yarn to use for B's belt), since the beginning. Maybe it's time to pay for an upgrade. Now that I know that I love all this, ya know, picture taking and such.

Jeremy (i.e. the new housemate) needs to go to Best Buy on Tuesday. I think I'm going to take Scheherazade and a pair of socks along with me and price cameras.

Any suggestions from out there? My biggest concerns are capturing details and color, obviously, but I don't think I can swing more than $150.

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Artemis said...

Hmm. I'm using an ancient 1.3 megapixel that I bought for 100 bucks back in 1999. It has a button that lets me switch back and forth between super close up shots and distance, and I can choose more functions than I use. If you can check different models, ask your hand which it's more comfortable holding, which display looks best, if the flash has many different settings or not. I'm sure you can find something decent in your price range, what with the proliferation of digicams. :)