10 January 2007

This is not acceptable.

Dear God or Goddess,

I know we do not talk as often as some of the documents that claim to be passed down to us puny humans by your glorious self(ves) suggest you would prefer. My favorite suggestion from that item most commonly called The Good Book is that you help those who help themselves. As such, I tend to feel more a sense of communion with you, rather than a give-and-take, especially since if I talk to the wrong people about the ways that I feel you are present in my life, they suggest that I should take a little walk down to the state mental health hospital.


I hope that will not affect your appreciation of my current complaint.

This is not acceptable. This, this "stomach flu" is not okay with me. I have already been sick with this "flu" that is probably caused mostly by my sore wisdom teeth for an ENTIRE TWO MONTHS, so now that I am finally well, causing me to spend ten minutes of every hour on the can is not okay.

I am playing hookie from work today in the interest of getting better, and fast. I expect your complete compliance with this plan, because I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO to be sick right now.

Also, if you could cease my mother's suggestions that this is your way of "telling me to slow down," I would really appreciate that. I don't see you waving your hands and performing a packing miracle, and let's face it, we keep Robb around for the heavy lifting, not his spacial sense. So.

No more upset tummy, please. Thank you.

Finished knitting the matinee coat last night while waiting for pulls in Molten Core (if you don't understand that, feel free to accept that I am a video game geek as well as a knitting geek, and then go hmm-hmm-hm-hm over the words that mean nothing). I've lost-or-packed the buttons for the sweater, though. Sigh.

All I want to do is curl up and go back to bed. I am going to try and be strong. Sending of mental strength appreciated.


AlisonH said...

Well crum. Crum.

Karin said...

I am concerned!! Tummy trouble for so long??? When I had it for longer than usual, when I was closing my shop, they told me I have IBS. Brought on by stress. I am worried you have it too. After your teeth are taken care of, and you get SOME REST!!!, and you still don't get better, please see a doctor, OK??
Wish I could come up there and help you clean.
Many many hugs!!