30 January 2007

What a pleasant change!

Don't get me wrong, I still hear the siren call of the New Yarns in the bedroom, especially now that all the sock yarn has its own little shelf (going in there is like a box of jewels, I tell ya) but when I hear the song, it's easy to say "Not now. I'm finishing this thing here."

I've got a case of finishitis. How'd that happen? No, wait, don't answer. You'll break the magic.

Did got to Best Buy today, and told the camera salesman what I wanted. You know what he wanted me to buy -- and he didn't even hesitate, it was like he psychically knew -- he wanted me to buy Grumperina's camera. Okay, not hers exactly, but that model Canon Powershot. And he demo'd it, and god, was it beautiful.

And then I took a deep breath, and told him how much I wanted to spend, as that Powershot camera is $400.

And he looked me straight in the eye, and said "I do not have a camera here that costs $200 and has even a decent macro function."

We compromised. Another Canon camera (he rolled his eyes, and said that the one I got was only HALF as good as the $400 one, which I pointed out was still significantly better than the one I have). Of course they didn't have it in stock, so it will be here in 3-5 days.

There's part of me that has goods-envy. The fancy one was sooooo pretty and sooooo good...but let's put this in perspective. I had $200 to spend. I already dropped another $130 out of my yarn budget, just by believing him that the other cameras wouldn't work (and I try to come from a basis of trusting sales guys, since I can return something if the sales guy blatantly lied about its working status, which doesn't help him out at all). How could I justify another $100 -- another 5 skeins of Socks That Rock or Sock!Merino? I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Though if they'd had that camera in stock, I just might have. Eaten bagels for lunch for two weeks to make up for it. And I've made up my mind that if the camera I *did* get doesn't perform to expectations, I will return it, and get the fancy-one, prices be damned.

For now, I'm going to curl up with another disk of House (my newest addiction) and get to work on the Flow Motion socks I abandoned sometime last August.

While wearing the completed Marble Arches socks.

I'm liking this trend. Wish me strength!

And don't tell Robb about the Trekking XXL and Austermann Step that lept into the car while I was picking up the new part for my spinning wheel. Thanks for that.

If I break this startitis rule, it'll be for them.


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AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the coming camera! May it arrive sooner than my dishwasher replacement--Feb 13th--rargh. But the difference was over $100 if I waited rather than grabbed one off the shelf elsewhere.

And then, hey, maybe you could fly out here and snap a picture of my new appliance. Go to Stitches. Hang out. Bring Robb, so I can meet him. Sound like a plan? (Long as I'm wishing.)