25 January 2007

The new pad

Alison asked for pictures.

This is the combo office/computer/living area. Covered in stuff. That's the dining area in back.

This is the bedroom, covered in stuff.

This is the kitchen, covered in stuff. The kitchen is actually why I had to have the apartment; you don't get kitchens like this in apartments in Vermont. You barely get them in houses in Vermont.

I'm still in unpacking throes. The trouble is that the stuff that's left is exactly that. Stuff.

I don't know where it all came from, and I've no idea where to put it.

I'll keep you posted.

Finally, a blurry Scheherazade. It's about 60 rows from the completion of the first side; then I work the edging over there, I think, and then the reverse side. So I'm definitely 1/4 done, and maybe 1/3?

Now my dinner is ready, and it is time to eat. :)


Madge said...

Yay! Your new home!

Good luck with the unpacking....

Anonymous said...

Windows! Actual windows! My memory of houses in NH in general from when we lived there is that there was so little window space. Can't let that cold air in, and all that. But--to quote James Taylor--"Shed a little light, oh Lord." What a beautiful apartment!


Anonymous said...

Also, B asked for pictures.

No forgetting me. Petty complaints about picture credit aside, it looks like a great place. Much love, B