06 January 2007

Knitters are the best people.

Karin heard it was my birthday.

She wanted to send me a present.

She said it was a book.

Here's what arrived in the mail today.



Oh my goodness, what luscious beauty. Wow. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I should keep doing it, because this made my day.

And it needed to be made. Went over to Mom's today to do laundry. Turns out that my aunt did not get chosen for the trial, and she's made the decision that if (when) the cancer resurfaces, she's not going to do any more chemo. Which will make the end pretty inevitable. Although I'm not surprised by this, I feel like I'm already grieving.

I can't knit her socks today. I just can't do it. I'm going to pack for a little bit -- we're moving to a new apartment in ten days or thereabouts -- and then I'm going to take the gorgeous purple Bamboo that Karin sent me, and find some size 8s or so, and start an Angel Pearls scarf for me. No beads, because I don't have any big enough for worsted weight yarn (although I'm going to check Earthfaire and see if she has anything that might work for a tassel), but I need some pretty yarn flowing through my fingers in a pattern that I know well enough to be soothed by it.

Tomorrow, I'll knit socks. I promise.

I love you all; just want to make sure you all know.


AlisonH said...

You should have heard me gasp at those yarns--and then at that book! Wow!! Wow. Karin, thank you for taking such good care of my Kristine like that!

Karin said...

Well to tell the truth I am the one who had all the fun. All I did was stash dive. (The book was brandnew, of course.) And lo and behold, there was all that yarn that had Kristine's name on it! Lots of purple and lilac. I am SO glad it's in a good home, soon in a new apartment, and then it made your day, too...all the best to you, Kristine. I'll be thinking of you during your move. (Sorry I added more yarn to the packing!)

Madge said...

Wow, what a great present. All that beautiful yarn. And an inspiring lace book, too. Yummy.

Sorry to hear about your aunt. (hugs)

Good luck with your move!