02 December 2006

I feel like an UberKnitter

But I can't show you why, as Blogger has currently lost the ability to post pictures. BFS, right? Oh well, I'll edit tomorrow (I hope) and add in the pics.

The reason that I feel like an UberKnitter is that I'm knitting a baby sweater in an almostworsted yarn, on size 10 needles. Both fronts, the back, and the sleeves were done in slightly more than 24 hours; started the hat, and it should be done momentarily.

The pattern is from Plymouth and uses their Oh My! yarn (which I think is a new line, but I wouldn't want to be held to that.

I'm not entirely sure what I think of this yarn as yet. It's very very very soft, and makes me want to pet it and cuddle it, and call it George. The colors are pretty, and in slightly less pastel shades than normal.


My knitting is usually insanely regular. The stitches are even, there aren't big gaps between things...lalala. Except for in this yarn. It's not consistent -- but there are entire columns of stitches that look loose. Weird.

Also, at least in terms of the unknit yarn, it snags sooo easily, and if you are silly (like me) and try to trim the snag, the yarn will literally fall apart in your hands.

Tomorrow (i.e. when I have patience) I'm going to stitch this baby up and do the finishing; I will take it to Mom's when I do laundry and drop it in the machine, see how it washes and dries (it's meant to be machine washable and dryable). If all goes well, one baby sized Christmas present is done. If not...well, we'll go have a chat with the yarn store.

I hope that it holds up well. I want to like this yarn...but I'm somehow suspicious.

Updates as news warrants. :)


AlisonH said...

I went through the beta blogger FAQ etc etc the other day, and it turned out Beta Blogger was blocking photos from Picasa as being pop ups. They knew that was a bug, and they were busy trying to fix it. I thought after yesterday's downtime that they'd gotten that working again. Good luck!

Marie said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one having problems with blogger and pictures. I thought it was just me and felt like such a tech ignoramus!

Kristine said...

Nope. Blogger is broke when it comes to pics right now; I've had to resort to posting them on flickr and actually (gasp!) writing the html to put them in the post.