06 December 2006

Super socks

Stealth knitting is harder when the subject of the knitting is actually around. While I seriously dislike Robb's current schedule of 4pm-12pm shifts, I have to admit that they're convenient for knitting for him.

So I've gotten no farther on the socks, but I've managed to get a pic I don't totally hate.

The color is decent, but in real life, the blue is bluer, and the light blue and red are more apparent.

Other than a headcold that is making me tak lik dis, nothing much else to report.


AlisonH said...

Seriously cool. Meantime, swing shift is at least better than graveyard shift (I worked swing shift, once upon a time.) So I have walked in those shoes, I just didn't have the handknitted superman socks to go with it. Go Kristine!

Madge said...

The Superman colorway is righteous cool, and I love how it's knitting up.

Feel better soon!