05 December 2006

Just like Martha would have made...

...if Clark hadn't been impervious to cold. But maybe he liked handknit wool socks anyway.


I can't show you the socks right now. See, I tried to photograph them last night, but the light is so crappy in my non-sunlit apartment that they looked like a big blue blur. I would photograph them now, when the sun is out, but Robb is awake.


I know. Awake before noon, who knew it was possible? Certainly not me.

But we went out for breakfast (this was very very good), and now I work at 11am. No big. But he's sitting here with me, so I can't exactly whip out his Christmas socks and either start knitting or start snapping pics.

So you'll just have to imagine that pretty yarn in a sock. Let's see -- the cuff is a k2p1 rib, and it's maybe two inches long. Then straight into the heal -- I did the eye of the (peacock?Pheasant?Bird?Ineverremember) -- flap. The red did this pretty zig thing through the heel, and made a lovely sort of slipstitch pattern. Dutch heel, for something different. And as I got off the bus last night, I had just picked up the stitches for the gussets. But today, I am taking the car to work, so probably not much more knitting today, unless I am still awake when Robb goes to work at 11pm tonight.

If I can manage to get a decent picture, you all will be the first to know. Until then, :)


Madge said...

You're zipping along on the Superman socks! Can't wait to see 'em.

Happy stealth knittin'.

AlisonH said...

I can't wait to see them!