08 December 2006

It's not a yarn accident

if you spend $200+ on purpose.


The good news is that all the yarn I need for all the Christmas presents I want to make is purchased.

This is the exciting stuff:

Also known as Blue Sky Organic Cotton for my brother Josh's hat (only he wants the hat longer and the brim shorter, and my requests for the size of his big head are going unanswered, so I'm kind of winging it, which combined with my gauge-resistance to cotton could make this the "interesting" present of the season). You also see Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Jeans for worsted socks for my brother Chris, and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Spanish Moss for Lacey Socks of Undetermined Origin for my sister.

Here's the boring stuff:

Eight different colors of Lambs Pride Bulky for turning into Fiber Trends felted slippers. That's right, sister(s and brothers) read em and weep. I have three weeks to knit eight pairs of felted slippers. It's plenty of time, but my eyes might be bubbling from boredom at the end of it.

And yes, you do see a skein of Fiesta Rayon Boucle tucked away back there. It's a long story...it goes something like this. When VK did that issue that had all the slightly-naughty items in it -- I want to say Spring or Summer of this year -- they had a lovely little corset-kinda-number that was knit out of Fiesta La Luz and Rayon Boucle. I fell totally in love with it, but the yarn is damned pricey, and I've heard lots of things about La Luz fuzzing up if you sneeze at it, so I've put it off sort of indefinitely. but when I was browsing the site, I fell totally in love with this color, called Aster. It's...so pretty. Today, I decided to have it. I'm not sure what it will be yet -- I'm thinking a Clapotis type scarf, much narrower, and possibly on bigger needles?

Also, missing the photo shoot, was some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock for Lacey Socks of Undetermined Origin for my mom; this is the second last priority I have, not because I don't adore my mommy, but because I did finish the Shetland Garden shawl in time, and I warned her that it was likely to be her Christmas present as well. But if I can get her some socks done, she'd be over-the-moon thrilled. The color is Lakeview, and it's all deep blues, her favorite.

So, sixteen felted slippers. One down already; let's see about those other 15.

And of course, two pair are for guys with gigantic basketball feet.

Dear goddess, why am I always related to giants?

How's everyone else doing on their Christmas knitting?

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AlisonH said...

I read this, and then looked at my word verification sequence. kxkwyxwc--doesn't that look like a knitting pattern happening? Or is my brain just so much on knitting overload that I'm seeing everything in terms of stitches? But no, you're going to get way more done than me. I'm partly falling back on the stuff I never got around to mailing during the year, like those angora scarves--they went out in the mail finally yesterday.