02 December 2006

Lisa Souza is my new best friend.

So, today was all about what I love in retail. I was busy, my nine hour day flew by in about twenty-seven minutes, and I didn't have time to stop and worry -- am I doing a good job? Am I working enough hours? Am I doing what I need to be doing? Am I doing it well enough? -- all I could do was help customers and put books in their hands and enjoy the day.

But by the time I got on the bus for home, I was beat. Completely and totally wiped.

I thought nothing could make me stop on my way in the door, on the way to the bed.

I was wrong.

There was a package in the mailbox. A pretty white envelope that had travelled all the way from Lafayette, California. Do you know what I'm getting at?

It came!!

Three skeins of Sock! Merino; one in Gingerpeach, one in Graphite, and one in a by-request colorway that Lisa named Superman.


It's the Gendarme colorway, basically. I'd shown Robb that yarn and asked what he thought (he's a man's man in terms of colors, green is ever-so-slightly suspect unless it's nearly indistinguishable from black) and he grinned and said "Those are Superman colors." But I'd seen a couple of Gendarme socks knitted up, and the gold came through the strongest, with the red and blue as highlights. So I asked Lisa if it would be possible to make the blue the main color, and the red and gold the highlights.

And lookee lookee lookee!!

Superman Bear thinks it's perfect.

I may even fight through the fog to ball it up so that when I wake up from my nap I can start knitting. We'll see.

Oh, and what am I doing with the Gingerpeach and the Graphite? Stash? What are you talking about? No, I do not have too much sock yarn -- how dare you say such a thing. :)

I'm totally psyched. Baby sweaters can wait until tomorrow. :)


AlisonH said...

Now if only you could meet her in person. Lisa is just the greatest. And isn't that Sock! yarn soft! I gave one of my Stanford doctors in October a shawl for his wife out of it in Delft; he loved it. I'll bet Robb will absolutely adore those socks when you're done.

Kristine said...

Well, if I ever manage to drag myself back out to California for a long weekend, I leave it to you to introduce us :)


Artemis said...

And if you do, you better let me know so I can say hi and give you hugs!

BTW, in a side question of odd relevance, do you have a ball winder that you use to create center-pull balls out of your lovely new skeins of yarn? Do you do something else entirely?



Kristine said...

I will certainly let you know!

I have both a ball winder that clamps onto my table and a handcarved noste pinne which does the same job in a more nostalgic and traditional fashion. I use that for my small skeins of handspun, if I'm afraid they're too delicate for the ball winder, and when I want even more of that connection-to-the-past thing. Mostly, I use the ball winder.