14 December 2006

Oh, crap.

I think I sneezed or something when I was deciding what size to make for the girly slippers.

Instead of the ones for size 8 feet (about 9 1/2 inches, by all the charts I can find) I made slippers for about size 5 feet (about 7 inches. )

Dear God, why me? Wasn't it enough when I managed to knock over SEVEN tills this morning? Picking up about $60 in change off the floor and sorting it back into appropriate drawers wasn't enough? The lady who spazzed about the Gossip Girl novels and informed me that I was collaborating with the male patriarchy, that wasn't enough giggles?

Four slippers to frog down to the sole. It's a darn good thing I have another three and a half discs of Buffy to watch tomorrow, God, or we would be having a little conversation.

(I hope my grouchy blaspheming has not offended anyone. I don't mean it. I really do have the highest respect for the deities that about in the universe. But seriously. I think I'm having my very own person Friday the 13th.)

On Thursday.

The 14th.

Oh, nevermind.

I think it's time for Ks to go to bed. Yes, that sounds like a VERY good idea.

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