29 November 2006

A girl's best friend...

...is always her mother.

I love my mom. You would have to guess that, I think, if you looked at the shawl I made for her.

Today, I took her out for her birthday (which was Monday) and I couldn't help but give her the shawl. I can make her something else for Christmas. She was so pleased with it; she got all choked up and weepy. Fantastic. I'm so so glad.

Also got to go play at the yarnstore. We're back to making Scheherazade, as I found a really cute top to go with the skirt (for $40!!). If I'm feeling brave in the next few days, I'll post a picture of the outfit so you can all imagine the shawl and tell me if I'm nuts.

Here's my yarn store haul:

The Kid Seta is a more burgundy color, and that is for the shawl; if I lightened the color up to the actual color in Picassa, the green and the blue became...ugly. And completely not right. So I figured you could imagine the burgundy and love the green and blue.

The green and blue are this Plymouth yarn called Oh My! and I adore it. It's soft and cuddly and pretty and fuzzy and machinewashable and dryable. Everything little babies need, right? I surely hope so. The pattern is a Plymouth hooded sweater designed for the yarn.

Bet you know what I'm about to go cast on.

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AlisonH said...

One very lucky mom. One very lovely daughter. (I've got the socks to prove it, too!)