11 December 2006

Nothing to report, boss

Or at least, very little, and nothing really worth taking pictures of.

Started another slipper, in purple this time.

Working on the hat -- almost done the straight part of the sides, finally have the stitches loose enough on the 24" needle that I can be over my looping phase -- only a disappointment because I was going to get CameramanRobb to stand over my shoulder and take some pictures. Maybe once I pull out that Cashsoft and work on his hat again. Nearly to the brim, which will require a trip to Joann's (darn) where I will be forced against my will to purchase plastic canvas and more of those incredibly awesome Susan Bates sock needles.

Superman sock continues apace. I'm done the gussets, and I accidentally decreased more than I meant to, but it's still matching up to the measurements of the sock that was pronounced to have fit "really well" so I think I'm okay.

I'm considering buying myself a domain name. $15 bucks and I can stop being at blogspot, but I want to play around with Wordpress a little more first. The blogs I see on that site I like, but what I'll probably do is play around and see if I can design a blog I like, and go from there.

I think I need to learn CSS. /cry

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

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AlisonH said...

I have a domain name, and I still use Blogger. Blogger's system doesn't much seem to like that it's being saved to our server at the same time, and it takes extra work on the resident computer geek's part, but if Blogger randomly erases my blog I've still got it.