13 December 2006

Starting to feel a little...


I'm working on several different things -- Josh's hat, slippers galore, Robb's stealth-socks, Sammy's sweater -- so there's little noticeable progress on anything. This is incredibly worrying to me. I can't make my brain think about having four things half done, it just sees the pile of completed things and sees that it hasn't grown. But I really do need to spend all knitting-time-sans-boyfriend cruising on SupermanSocks, so the other things get put aside when he goes to work...

but it's stressful. That's all I'm saying.

I'll try to have something worth photographing by tonight. That's my goal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, pop on over, I'll make up some hot cocoa with the Scharffenberger and Valrhona cocoas my hubby and daughter got me today, and if you've got too much to do there you can just hand me one set of needles, you do another, and we'll get those nicely out of the way for you together. Sound good?

--AlisonH, too lazy to sign into Blogger