19 December 2006

No time for pictures

must keep knitting.

Four and 3/4ths pairs of slippers done. Deadline: Friday, so that I can felt.

Two baby sweaters, each half done. The third just needs buttons sewn on. No worries here.

Socks for Robb? Probably going to get done.

Socks for Mom? Not unless I can shut off the world for a day or two. Ain't gonna happen.

My BMFA Socks that Rock kit arrived yesterday, with two skeins -- one in Mustang Sally, with a Sivia Harding pattern (bestill my beating heart, this will be my first post-Christmas knitting, before I get down to the serious work of knitting through some stash), and one called "Rare Gems" that are the so-called mistakes of the BMFA dyers.

I would show you pictures, but I don't dare to take the yarn out of its protective plastic bubble for fear I'll fall into a trance and then find that it's the day after Christmas, and that I spent all week knitting socks instead of working. While it would be fun, it would be bad for my checking account.

A very detailed update on December 26th. I promise!

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