20 December 2006

A pile of slippers

Vermont is experiencing this thing. I don't remember the name for it. S... s... ...n? sol? Sern? Sooon? Something. I don't remember.

It meant I could take pictures this morning (!!!) and show you things that were actually kind of accurate in terms of color (!!!!!).

So, here, we have a gigantic pile of unfelted slippers.

We have one and a quarter Superman Socks.

I don't know why this picture came out so blue-scale, but I couldn't fix it, just made it worse, so I decided to let it be. The photobackground was white, and the red actually stood out, when I originally took the picture. I think I will be upgrading from my free camera to a nice camera, if this whole FancyJob thing holds out.

And last, but never least, my socks-that-rock yarn.

I was going to take it out of the package to photograph it for you, but thought better of it at the last minute. I am not that strong. :)


Madge said...

Yay! Look at all those slippers waiting to be felted. Kudos on the marathon knitting.

And your STR colorways are luscious. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those, already knitted--way to go! And that yarn is gorgeous. I wish my LYS had had those particular ones in stock today, but they didn't and I didn't buy any STR.

--AlisonH (blogger isn't behaving, won't let me sign in)