23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Not much knitting going on here as I adjust to 10 hour days at work. Six days a week starting next week. Ugh. Yesterday I got home from work at 9, collapsed at 10, was wide awake at 3:30am, and played online until 6am, when I went back to bed. Clearly, I need to figure out a new sleeping schedule.

I'll take some kind of knitting with me to Robb's family's to keep me going through the ...ahem...slow moments. Probably one of the plain rib socks, to try and finish off a pair. I think they will tolerate the appearance of knitting, but the appearance of charts might put them right off.

I own the skirt from AnnTaylor. I'm going to make this to go with it, out of cream Cashsoft 4ply. Yes I know the yarn is technically too small for the pattern, but when I tried to knit it out of the recommended yarn, my gauge was absurdly off, so I will try going down a yarn size, and see what that gets me.

In January.

Thirty more rows to go on the Shetland Garden shawl. They're something like 400 stitches each. This will take a while.

Until then...there's still plenty to do.

Have a happy turkey day, and enjoy your family.

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