15 November 2006

This is going to seriously cut into my knitting time.

Brief Personal Story to explain why I've not been posting here as often lately.

So, here's the short version of the story.

I work in retail. I'm a supervisor. My store manager gave his notice last week. For Thanksgiving. If you know anything about retail, you might understand that this has some of us -- uh -- a little stressed out.

Our District Manager came and visited yesterday. Our sales manager will be taking the position as Interim Store Manager. He's asked for me as Interim Sales Manager. I've accepted.

What this means: A seriously big hike in pay. Seriously. Large. Gigantic, even. A potentially very temporary hike, however, as if he decides not to stay on as interim, when he steps down, I step down as well, back into the position (and pay rate) that I have now. So rather than going nuts and buying a new car (i.e. what I want to do) I will be using this pay hike to try and get at least one of the credit cards paid off (i.e. the responsible thing). And, ya know, MAYBE a little bit of yarn. Here or there. Maybe. Who knows what will happen, right?

What this also means: About 10-15 hours more of work a week, possibly more around the holiday itself. No one is being hired to fill the position I have currently until all of this is settled out, so I will be doing the work for this position, as well as the work for my new position.

I think I will continue to knit compulsively, just to stay sane. But yeah. I think you see where I am with all this. /aaaaah!

In Other (but Related) News:

I once again encountered the Bus Driver Knitting Nazi! This time, she yelled at me for crossing in front of the bus to catch it. I stared at her. "You were stopped. At a stop sign. And I was at a crosswalk." She yelled that that wasn't the point, but she didn't kick me off the bus. I hid behind the wheelchair lifter and knit where she couldn't see me. There were two kids who were probably expecting to do a drug deal or crawl into each other's laps or something who were irritated with me, but I knit on Mom's scarf the whole way home. I felt very rebellious.

I don't know why she's such a grump. If I'd known it was her bus, I'd've waited the twenty minutes for another one. If she goes nutsy again, I may very well call and complain. Sheesh.

Knitting? You come here to hear about knitting?

I don't have a heck of a lot to tell you. More shawl, more socks. If Vermont ever experiences the phenomenon called "sun" again, I will take pictures, but all the ones I've tried for come out blurry and craptastic and the colors are soooo far off I can't stand anyone thinking I would intentionally knit things that look like that. So for now, you will need to be content in the knowledge that I am being so so so good, despite my having purchased the new Interweave Knits and almost needing to put it in a plastic cover to protect it from the drool. Just so we're clear.

More tomorrow. Perhaps with pictures!

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AlisonH said...

You SO much make me laugh! And congratulations on the job, may the hours become less and the pay stay up there. As for the bus driver, if you're not complaining, tell me the specifics and I will! They want people to take public transit, they can't have the drivers abusing the people they want to have using it.