21 November 2006

I was going to post these last night...

...but in the process of throwing a complete and total hissyfit about a really strange subject, I totally forgot.


Here is the beginning of Scheherezade. Skacel's Merino laceweight in a plum color, teensy yarn on US 3s. I love love love how it looks, the airyness of it. I dryblocked it to make sure I liked the balance between stitches and yarn overs, and also to show off. :)

Here's a close up of the center motif.

I think this will be beautiful.

But, after all that, I don't think I'm going to wear it to the wedding. Because that would be too easy. Le sigh. I found a skirt I'm in love with at Ann Taylor that is in the allowed price range for the whole outfit, which means I will be making my own top -- I'm thinking of the vine lace top from Hemp For Knitting in Cashsoft 4ply in a cream...we'll see. I have until March.

But right now, I have a headache. Ow.

Off to sooth said aching head.

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