19 November 2006

Not much to report.

Worked a few more rows on the Shetland Garden shawl, but nothing to write home about. Exercised EXTREME mental discipline and did not cast on for Scheherazade. I think someone should send me a cookie for that, really. It took...more than I thought it would, wow.

As a quick sidenote -- I love when I buy patterns online and they're PDF downloads. I have always enjoyed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's line about how instant gratification is too slow, and when it comes to patterns, that's so me. I want to peer at them, see where I'm going to run into trouble, see what's going to be easy-peasy...the waiting makes me crazy. I can wait for yarn; I enjoy the anticipation, the sense of getting a present when it arrives. But when it comes to patterns...now is better.

And and and! I heard about a new yarn shop that opened up about an hour south of me. Of course I'm going to have to make a pilgrimage there. I'll probably hold out until my little brother's girlfriend (and she may not be his girlfriend by that time, due to his own idiocy, but whatever) gets back from college for Thanksgiving break and haul her along with me. She needs some cheering up, I need more yarn (like I need a hole in the head) it sounds like a good plan all around. :)

Other than that...nothing much to report.

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