16 November 2006

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

So, day off today. Much needed, as life is getting busier by the moment, and I'm a little sick -- I think my body is pre-infecting itself so I won't get sick during the holidays or something.

Anyway, I'm at home, crashed in the office watching The Librarian which a friend loaned me. I'm not in the living room because Robb's having trouble sleeping during the days lately, and I don't want to keep him up. I'm knitting on my Shetland Garden Faroese shawl. I'm all peaceful.

A knock at the door. This usually means solicitors. I roll my eyes, drag my sorry self to the door. And see my mailman (who is actually a man, so I will call him my mailman, and not my mailperson). Who had an insured package for me.

Mystified much?

But look! Look look look! Look what he brought me! (as photographed by CameramanRobb, since the taking a picture in the bathroom over my shoulder thing SO did not work for me today) Do you see this? This beautiful, wonderful thing that was made by AlisonH! Do you see how purple it is? Do you conceive of how much I adore the purple?

I have just enough brain left from the part that is shouting "I own this and no one else does, I'm the coolest person in the entire universe!" to tell you that according to the note included, this amazingly beautiful shawl was knit out of one strand of Lisa Souza's alpaca in the Shade Garden colorway and one strand of Misti baby alpaca that Alison dyed purple.

Alison, this could not have come on a better day. It's dingy and dirty here, and I felt awful before, but now I have a big Alison hug to keep me smiling. Thank you thank you thank you!!

My best friend Melissa and I went out for coffee today, and I wore my brand new Alison hug, with a hairstick as an improvised shawl pin. I love it love it love it. Oh my goodness! I got compliments and complimentary stares and wows and I am a happy happy girl.

In other news, I have discovered that a.) 32" circular needles are far too short for Faroese shawls. FAR too short. I wish I had a 60" one, but I think even a 40" one would do.

Is there a store in the greater Burlington area that sells such things? Of course not.

le sigh.

Yes, I know I can get them online, but my stitches are getting crowded NOW and I really don't want to pay for expedited shipping, especially when things probably STILL wouldn't get here before the weekend.

le sigh x2.

In happy news, though, I am one section through Chart E (each chart has about three repeats within it), Chart F is very very short, and then there's just chart G. I can't imagine how many stitches I have on the needles right now; I'd rather not know, actually. It would depress me.

For now, I'm going to see what came for Netflix today, and I'm going to make some more shawl before Robb gets home. I was promised cuddling tonight, so there may not be so much knitting to show tomorrow.

That's all I'm gonna say about that.


AlisonH said...

So I get up this morning, turn on my computer, and get totally blown away. While thinking, if your shawl arrives today that would so much be the icing on the cake. SO much.

And it did!!! Yay!!! You know, I posted a photo of it on my own blog wondering if you would say anything (so I could know if it was just right or just off on the shade). But you knew better than to say anything or I'd send it to you, but you didn't know I was already doing that! So hey. Yay! I'm thrilled you love it as much as I was hoping you would. A lilacknitting girl needs a lilac-y, purple-y shawl. Absolutely. Oh, and--that's a one-off. Didn't write down what I did, it's not exactly like any in my book or that I've ever made, couldn't duplicate it exactly now if I tried. It's just for you. My one of a kind friend.

AlisonH said...

ps. Tell Robb I said thank you. And (whispering) guess what, I used 32" needles...

Elizabeth said...

How lovely that shawl is! Lucky you! Your blog is so funny, great reading right now since I'm sick. Oh, and congrats on the promotion!!