27 November 2006

Score: Christmas (1billion) Kristine (5)

You may remember that at the beginning of the month I went a leetle crazy. Here's the list of Christmas presents I thought I had to make at the time.

Baby sweater for Scot & Mel's kid (step-nephew)
Baby sweater for Sean and Megan's kid (step-niece)
Socks for Chris (middle-younger brother)
Socks for Luke (oldest-younger brother)
Hat for Josh (youngest-younger brother)
something for Chris' girlfriend Eliza
Finish Mom's mothers day present in time for next mother's day at the latest!

Of course, I've since added a few items to the list (sigh) but they can get dropped off again if necessary.

I had previously planned on doing fingerless mitts for the female step-sibs-and-inlaws, and felted slippers for the male step-sibs-and-inlaws. Those are the ones I can lose if I need to.

I'm now debating. Have you seen the Bead Soup kits from Earthfaire? If not, go check them out. I'm thinking that I could get three of them, they should knit up really quickly, and then Amy, Megan, and Melanie are all taken care of. I could do one for the step-mother as well, I suppose. (bleh). But Amy would probably like it because they're funky, and I was thinking that the two moms Megan and Melanie might like something pretty that would be a little...fanciful, as it seems like lately, all their kids get the attention. Opinions? Otherwise, what I'll be doing will be fingerless mitts, the kind with no thumb, and no fingershaping, just straight knitting up the hand to the first knuckle or so, then cast off, with cables or lace squares on the back.

Opinions are good. :)


Madge said...

The Bead Soup kits are very pretty. And glamorous. I'm not a bead person, but I love vintage costume jewelry, and these bracelets look very retro in a sparkly 50s kinda way.

As for the fingerless gloves - have you thought about making knitty's Fetching pattern? Several of my knitting group have, and they're a super fast knit. Mary (her blog is Dim Sum Knitting) made a pair in a day, so I'm sure you could crank a few pairs out in no time.

Kristine said...

Hi Madge!

I think I'm wishing someone would make me the bracelets, they don't seem like my preppy step-sisters-in-law, the more I puzzle over it, unless I steal some American Eagle labels to throw on there.

What I have in mind is very like Fetching, but I want each one to have a different pattern on the back of the hand.


Artemis said...

I positively require your VT shipping address. There are several things here in my posession that would like to say hi to you, and I might as well ship them out along with the gazillion packages I'm mailing out next week. :)

My email's the same as it's been for years, and if you've lost it, you can use the addy in my LJ.