25 May 2007

Pay no attention

to the woman behind the curtain who is going to distract you from the fact that, with Vermont in its second day of ridiculous 85+ temps, I haven't picked up knitting needles in two days.

Instead, I'm going to show you this:

Which is a set from Dale Baby Collection NR 110. I'm sorry if you love this pattern, the book definitely seems to be out of print. I got my copy in...dear God, I was still in college, so before 2001. I had every intention of making that little jumpsuit for my cousin's firstborn...but um...yeah. Nope. I was defeated by stranding and dpns. And I just don't think I'm crazy enough to try that again, but I am smitten with the little yellow set.

Ooo, pretty, right? Pretty... :)

And really, what gives with this weather? It's just not acceptable, and whoever ordered it needs a kick in the head. Honestly. It's supposed to drop back down into the 70s tomorrow, and I can live with that. This almost 90 stuff...I hated it before, and with the pregnant metabolism keeping me warmer anyway, I thought I was just going to die yesterday. It was bad.

Robb also got a good laugh in yesterday, when Mom came over; she had managed to find some really cute quasi-maternity tops at Kohl's, which will help me get through this ridiculous heat wave, since they're cut so that they can be worn when you're hardly pregnant, and let out when you're more pregnant. Sounds like a plan to me! But the big reason she came over was because she'd finished up the hat on the Wee One Welcome Set which she is knitting with Koigu Kersti, and she needed to learn how to do mattress stitching to seam the hat up. I also had to attempt to teach her the make-one increase, which didn't go as well. She didn't believe me that all you do is pick up the little bar between stitches and knit it -- she kept asking why I was "flipping" it around. I am a very bad teacher, and did my best, but I've been encouraging her to sign up for a class sometime. She has really good knitting instincts, but doesn't trust them at all.

Anyway, Robb enjoyed the whole thing, because the stereotypical image is Mom -- or Grandma -- teaching the little daughter how to knit -- and even though that's how we started, some twenty-three years ago now, it's now completely reversed. I guess I just made so much stuff up in college, when there wasn't anyone to ask, that I lose patience with being asked to do it "the right way." I already told her to bail on the idea of m1r and m1l. It's too confusing for the first time you do something, and anyway, I can't ever remember which one is which anyway.

Oh well. :)

I woke up feeling happy and healthy and hungry for the first time in a really long time. One of those silly days where I looked at Robb this morning and just burst into tears because when he smiled at me, I just felt completely safe and loved and magical.

And the best part? He looked at me, said "You're having one of those scary, wonderful, reassuring moments, aren't you?" And I nodded, and then he just held me while I cried for a bit.

He's a good 'un, always.

I liked smiling.


AlisonH said...

I treasure that Robb of yours. I love how well he knows and loves you. Give him my best.

And on the mom-knitting thing? I so much relate. My mom taught me how to knit, and then she didn't for the longest time; after I totally took off with it in adulthood, she actually asked me about casting on, it had been awhile--which totally threw me. *Mom's* asking *me*? Too funny!

Okay, I'm going to sign this in under "Other," but since I'm not using Blogger now, I'm not signing into Blogger, and I don't know if it'll still reference my spindyeknit.com/blog address--I'm about to go see. If it just says alisonh in black, you'll know I failed.

Madge said...

Smiling is good! So is feeling more like yourself after your first few months of pregnancy. And so is Robb. :)

Karin said...

I am sad now because I have always been wanting that kind of interaction (for lack of a better word, I should have said Love..) from my DH. Alas I will never see it. He offers a different kind of love, very steady but not daring to recognize.
Anyway. I am VERY happy for you. Truly.
And I KNEW you would feel better!!!
And #2: re: heat wave: be glad you will be 9 months pregnant in December.
And #3: very cute baby set. I do hope you will make it!!!

Lene Andersen said...

That pattern is amazing! I love the stars and the moons and honestly, it was almost enough to make me go out there and procreate. Almost.. ;)

Dunno what's with the weather. Tomorrow, it'll be 18 (Celcius) here in Toronto and by Thursday, they're forecasting a humidex (heat index, I think the people south of the border call it) of 36. Might not tell you a lot if you're Fahrenheit-based, but essentially, it's going from "socks and jackets" to "nekkid would be good". Crazy...

Glad the nausea's subsiding a little and that you're making the most of the hormone spikes.

Melanie said...

Your Robb is definitely a keeper. It's a tough job being pregnant in the summer heat. The little yellow set is absolutely adorable.

AlisonH said...

Hey you. "When last we saw our heroine..."