15 May 2007


And, I forgot to say, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy mother's day! You guys made my day.

See, I'm not always a brat. I'm just...work is...and the stress!...and I'm sick of being sick!...



AlisonH said...

May I have permission to laugh knowingly? You beginner you. Hah! And *I* forgot to wish you Happy Mother's Day. Man, that's into-the-doghouse material fer sure, I'm sorry.

But I do understand those pregnancy grumpies, I truly do.

By the way, Amazon finally (!) ditched the wrong cover today. I allowed as how it was, um, advertising something not being offered inside the book. Oh. Oops! And lo, it is suddenly gone, and the pretty one where it belongs. Yay!

Odd thought: when it shows up in your bookstore, tell me, wouldja?

AlisonH said...

Hey, you, how ya doin'?