24 May 2007


Okay, so I'm awake before Robb (as I usually am, since he sleeps until 10 or 11 most mornings, no big deal), and I'm at my computer, poking through blogs, reading emails, etc.

I keep hearing this...rhthymic, kind of grinding sound. I'm panicking, trying to figure out what fan or bearing in my computer might be making that sound, and what I can do about it before it explodes and takes out my, I don't know, motherboard, which I can't afford to replace just this minute.

And then I realize.

It's not my computer.

It's my boyfriend.



Here's a picture of the ladybug sweater, just to convince you that I still know how to knit.

One more set of ladybugs to do, and then the rest of the body is pretty much plain knitting. Each sleeve has a row of ladybugs, and if I'm not bored to tears, so does the hat.

I've stalled a bit because a.) I've been on an anime kick lately, and stranded knitting+subtitles=big mess and b.) I've just been lazy in the sudden heat that Vermont is throwing at me. 85 degrees? What is this nonsense? The world is lucky I have the next two days off, and all I need to do is sit around and pant, that's all I'm sayin.

There's another Dale sweater I'm considering...It must be fairly out of print, because I bought the book some five years ago, and I can't find the pattern anywhere online, I'll scan it in if anyone wants to see, it's a pretty patterned sweater with stars and moons on the cuffs and the button band. The question in my mind is whether knitting stranded in cotton will make me want to rip my face off, and I should just continue knitting colored wool sweaters (the colorwork on this one is much less, so I wouldn't hate myself for knitting it in wool in a three month size, and seeing it outgrown more quickly) and save the cute little kimono tops for the wool.



Anonymous said...

holy crap that is beautiful! I really like the color choices, as you know I am not a fan of orange, but this blends really well and looks so warm and sunny with the yellow.

Also, how is it hotter in VT than the Swamp?

Also also, love you and glad you have a few days off. I will be trying to build the boat! Unless I start knitting, which would be a boat disaster, so I am trying not to think about how little I have left on the back of the sweater.

Okay, this should have been an email. Sorry.

AlisonH said...

That is one sublimely cool sweater.

And hey. My second got born during a record heat wave in NH, 106 degrees. Normally a half dozen babies in their nursery, and they had 36 in there that day and were going absolutely crazy. Did all those little ones want to come out to help make their moms not feel so hot? Dunno.

Karin said...

Gorgeous little sweater.
Keep knitting in wool, don't bother with cotton. Since you're already having doubts.

Sheila said...

Great sweater. Sweet ladybugs. Your are a great knitter.

Knit*Six said...

That is SO adorable...lovely knitting and great colors! It makes me smile :-)

Madge said...

Too, too adorable! Your ladybuy sweater is coming out great!

I'd knit a larger size in wool so you'll have it for fall/winter.