11 May 2007

Lookee what I got.

So, went to the doctor today, was pronounced very boring, (which is good, in this case), and after some procedures which really made me feel she ought to have bought me dinner and a movie first, was rewarded with this.

That's our little one. Almost an inch now, we saw little arms and legs, and it flipped around a couple of times for us, which was very nice. I got a little weepy, and Robb's telling his WoW friends, which is about the same, for him.

Everything looks fantastic. The ultrasound puts me at 9 weeks, a little earlier than I'd been led to believe before, and my due date was revised to December 13th. Which is not a Friday, I just checked.

The little one's heart is beating at about 174 beats per minute -- doctor said that was great -- and everything looks fantastic.


Here's what else I've been up to:

This is the Dale ladybug sweater -- I think it's out of patternbook 152, but it's all the way across the room, and I don't want to check. I decided to do this one in the 6 month size, which will either mean it gets tons of wear or none, but I just had a kind of feeling not to make it in the newborn size, so I'm not going to. Nah. It's coming along well; I got bored and flipped the hem up to make it stop rolling on me, and it still has its lumpy places, but all in all, I'm extremely pleased with how my colorwork is coming out. Go me!

And, because someone might ask, here's the inside:

A weight has been lifted off my mind, and I feel very much better. I'm going to go drink a gallon of water, and stretch out on the sofa. Maybe watch Fellowship of the Ring. Who knows??

Smiles, all around.


AlisonH said...

December 13th. Is. My. Birthday. !!! And I will be 49. Do I get to play proud grandma-by-love or what!?

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, how adorable is that, the baby, but the sweater is too.

Karin said...

I thought that birthday looked familiar!! (Hi Alison!) Yay.
Nice work on all counts!

Tammy said...

Happy Mother's Day. :)

Anonymous said...

Not to be a nay-sayer but that sweater looks a bit big for the kid in the picture.

But separately both look amazing.

I am back from a family wedding, sick. I had fun anyway, and will eventually catch up on email. Not dead though.

Love, B

Kathy said...

Congratulations on the alien. ;P They all look like aliens at that stage and I think it's wise to keep that photo for when they ARE aliens, around 15-17.

The sweater is ADORABLE! Do they make that pattern in grown-up size? I totally love the bugs.