01 May 2007

100th post

On blogger, anyway.

Note to self: stop asking the boyfriend questions at 1am when you're both too tired to have a conversation. It will only stress you out, and cause him to consider you to be even more irrational than you currently are.

Anyone want to give me good reasons that we should be buying a home, and not renting? So far I have 1.) creation of equity 2.) more reasonable cost (even here in stupid VT) 3.) and it just makes me feel safer, somehow. less at someone else's whim. I'll take any other suggestions that anyone else has to offer.

Also, he's suddenly disliking the middle name of Joseph, which has huge familial associations for me. I'm hormonally messed up enough that even typing that makes me want to cry, and that does not lend itself to reasoned discussion.


Pictures of SEX from the weekend:

The Colinette Abfab kit; I've made two of these before, the diamond pattern for my mother, and the stripe afghan for my now-ex girlfriend. This time, it's for me-me-me, and it's going to be a shawl, a nursing shawl, to be precise, and it's going to be exquisite. Or else. :)

Malabrigo and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock

Rowan Calmer
And Studio Mohair and Lorna's Laces Worsted.

I made out like a bandit.

First project; The Absolutely Fabulous Shawl. Great for knitting while watching 24. When not watching 24, or when having slightly more attention-span, the Yarn Pirate Quicksilver I scored awhile back is turning into a scarf version of Sivia Harding's Gothic Lace Stole. Wish me luck!

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AlisonH said...

Cool stuff. Gee, does someone like purples?

Good luck on the house thing.