05 June 2007

Has it really been that long?

Sorry to those of you who emailed me a little worried. I kept thinking "I'll blog after I knit," or "I'll blog after I clean," and then rather than cleaning or knitting, I just went to sleep. Sorry about that.

Everything's okay. 'Nother doctor's appointment today, everything is proceeding beautifully. The doc's Doppler listening thingy was on the fritz, so we got to look instead (aw, drat, right?), and let me tell you, that kid is kickboxing around in my uterus. It's all adorable while I can't feel it, but I anticipate in another couple of months I'm going to be bouncing around, led by my belly.

I finally did pick up my knitting again, but my summer slump seems to have hit, and with the stupid humidity, I just don't want to move.

But it's pretty outside, the baby growing in my belly is healthy, and when it rains, my street smells like lilacs. Can't complain.


AlisonH said...

Sometimes pregnancy induces a certain dreaminess, and sometimes just plain downright sleepiness. Just wait till you and Robb can watch a footprint stretching along in an arc--Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!

LisaDP said...

Glad things are going ok.

Karin said...

Good to hear from you.
Glad you're OK.