15 May 2007

Grumpity grump

I'm sulky today. I think that's the only word for me. I woke up obscenely late (for the girl who is regularly at work at 6am) and finally rolled out of bed (only because Robb was snoring, tha jerk!) at 8am. I took advantage of Netflix's new Watch It Now! thing to watch The Prince & Me, which I figured to be cute and annoying, but a sure thing. I adore Julia Stiles, and I thought I'd have fun.

Instead, this movie...just got on my nerves. I don't quite know why, really, but it...peeved me off. I was trying to knit the ladybug sweater, and the ladybugs of course weren't coming out well, which irritated me, and then I went back to bed for awhile, and when I got up again, I felt dizzy and sick despite having eaten like a good girl when I got up earlier, which prompted the least healthy response I know of (fine, if my body doesn't want me to eat, I won't, nah!). I didn't say I was being smart, just grumpy.

I did about twenty seven bazillion loads of laundry, but you can actually see both our floor and the papasan again (no, B, haven't changed out the cushion yet, haven't figured out what to do with the old one), so that's something. And then I curled up on the couch, knit more ladybug sweater (they were behaving this time) and watched Just Like Heaven.

This should have been a great day. Why am I being such a brat? Robb is even bringing me home my favorite calzone from my favorite pizza place. And I'm being such a snot, and I know it, but my ability to fix it? Gone.


I'm too lazy to take pictures for you, I'm sorry. Tomorrow. Promise.

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