02 May 2007

Trading Nausea for mood swings

Seriously. I'm like a fifteen year old girl, flying off the handle about nothing, weeping in meetings, and it's worse than being fifteen, because I have the intellectual capacity to understand that I'm acting like a crazy person, but still no ability to do anything about it. Oh well. I keep apologizing, and people laugh and pat me on the head. I hope they still think I'm cute in a few more months! Or maybe I'll just distract them by letting them pat the belly. People are starting that already, and I want to yell a bit. I'm not showing; I just look like there have been a few too many calzones 'round the middle. Oh well, 'salgood. :)

So, the two big projects right now, apart from unbelievably tiny sweaters:

This is the Gothic Leaf pattern by Sivia Harding, although her pattern is for a stole, and I'm making a scarf. If any of you were around when I was knitting her Hanging Garden Stole, you might remember the relationship I have with large, rectangular things. yeah. There's a reason why I don't have a baby blanket WIP. Just sayin'.

The yarn is Yarn Pirate, the only skein of such that I've ever managed to score in the craziness surround updates at The Loopy Ewe. The color is Quicksilver, and I'm loving the gentle shading, which I don't think distracts from the lace, since it's a monochrome pallet. (I know that's a right spelling of pallet, but is that the right spelling of pallet? Anyway.) This, I think, will be a gorgeous scarf for fall, when I want something around my neck, but it's too warm for my wears-like-iron wool scarf that I've had for a few years.

This is the first repeat plus a bit of the Absolutely Fabulous Shawl from Colinette. This colorway is Antique, if I remember correctly, and I'm totally in love. It's so funky and crazy, it will be wonderful to wrap up in come winter time, and plenty wide enough to provide discretion AND warmth. Yay!

Days off are good for watching movies and knitting and just generally slobbing around. That's my plan for today. Hope yours is just as fun!


AlisonH said...

Palate, isn't it? So you get today off? Cool. Kick your feet back and enjoy a good bit of yarn.

Karin said...

Chiming in- hi girls! :)
Palate is in your mouth, as in taste.
Palette is color.
Pallet is a storage thing to keep stuff off the ground.
Now I didn't consult a dictionary, so somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
Anywho, that yarn it totally gorgeous. Wonderful color palette, so luscious one can almost taste it, and you may need to put a pallet on the ground in the driveway soon to help store all the yarn. ;)

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's right, of course! My goodness. And I used to be a copy editor, long long ago. Thank you, Karin! I shouldn't try to spell these days when I'm tired, I'm not entirely the alert speller I used to be. I happily earned that fatigue, though: I played book tour without the book yesterday (this was when their cruise was, so this is when they wanted to see me); totally wore myself out but had a grand time.

Madge said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Love your Gothic Leaf scarf in Yarn Pirate. The variegation is subtle and very pretty. Sweet.

LOL my Hanging Garden is such the UFO.

And aren't those Loopy Ewe updates crazy?!

Sheila said...

I love the color of the Colinetter Abfab kit. I have a kit that I should start knitting! Hope the mood swings start to get better.

AlisonH said...

I just took our misspellings of palette, my Lisa Souza yarn, and ran with the idea over on my blog and had way too much fun.